Carpenter Creek Winery, LLC 

Premium NW Wine served in our big red barn, horse farm, event center

Tucked into a sun drenched valley at the base of the Coast Range in Western Oregon, the vineyard shares this 25 acre farm with our herd of Registered Tennessee Walking Horses. Our vineyard is organically farmed and sustainably managed, to insure only the finest fruit is harvested while protecting our livestock and the many wild creatures who roam the valley. Our deep connection to the land, our horses and the large band of wild elk who call this valley home is the driving force for our commitment to preserving the beauty here for our family and our guests to enjoy. 

Here at the farm we harken back to times past, where folks sat on the front porch to visit and enjoy the day with friends and loved ones.  Modern life is exhausting but here at the Farm we run on Country Time in tune with nature, the vineyard, our horses and all of God's furry creatures who share our land.  We invite our guests to linger, savor some premium wine, and enjoy the serene beauty of this blessed valley. 

Our beautiful and friendly band of Tennessee Walking Horses are the heart of the Farm.  Walking horses were bred in the middle Tennessee region in the early 1800's and developed smooth ground covering gaits and a kind and willing nature.  Our staff members are all knowledgeable about the horses and welcome the opportunity to talk about our herd members!  They roam freely around the edge of the vineyard and the event grounds and when you visit you are likely to encounter a few. 
 Kids and dogs are welcome (leashes required - for the dogs, not the kids!) 

​​Wander the expansive grounds as you savor a glass of outstanding Oregon wine, take a tour of the vineyard, visit the horses and drink in the peace of this lovely valley.   You will feel like family at the Farm!