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Carpenter Creek Farm &Winery

Tucked into a sun drenched valley at the base of the Coast Range in Western Oregon, the vineyard shares this 25 acre farm with our herd of Registered Tennessee Walking Horses. Our vineyard is responsibly farmed and sustainably managed, to insure only the finest fruit is harvested while protecting our livestock and the many wild creatures who roam the valley. Our deep connection to the land, our horses and the large band of wild elk who call this valley home is the driving force for our commitment to preserving the beauty here for our family and our guests to enjoy. 

Here at the farm we harken back to times past, where folks sat on the front porch to visit and enjoy the day with friends and loved ones.  Modern life is exhausting but here at the Farm we run on Country Time in tune with nature, the vineyard, our horses and all of God's furry creatures who share our land.  We invite our guests to linger, savor some premium wine, and enjoy the serene beauty of this blessed valley. 

The Carpenter Creek Valley and our farm have a rich history, originally part of a land grant bestowed on a soldier by the name of William Carpenter in 1853 after serving in the Mexican War in 1847.  He was the owner an expansive 700 acres, but this valley where we are located not was not usable at that time due to the very marshy conditions.  Mr. Carpenter eventually hired Chinese workers who had come to the U.S. to build the Intercontinental Railroad, and had the creek that runs through the valley dug out by hand to render this land usable for farming.  This is the present day Carpenter Creek which runs along our vineyard and winery building.  The property was used as a large scale onion farm in the 1920s. and later was used for cattle and pigs. 

The current owners bought the property in 2015, suffering from decades of neglect, and transformed this neglected land into a thriving vineyard and horse farm. 

Our 15 acre vineyard consists of 4 acres of Chardonnay and 11 acres of Pinot Noir, with several clones of each grape represented.  Planted in 2020 and 2021, our young vineyard is thriving and we will be bottling our very first estate wines this winter.  In addition our talented winemaker sources grapes from outstanding growing areas throughout Oregon and southern Washington.  We are proud to offer a selection of unique and lesser known wines available for purchase in our tasting room. 

Our friendly band of Tennessee Walking Horses are the heart of the Farm.  Our staff members are all knowledgeable about the horses and welcome the opportunity to talk about our herd members!  They roam freely around the edge of the vineyard and the tasting room grounds and when you visit you are likely to encounter a few. 
Kids and dogs are welcome (leashes required - for the dogs, not the kids!) 

​​Wander the expansive lawn as you savor a glass of outstanding Oregon wine, take a tour of the vineyard, meet the horses and drink in the peace of this lovely valley.   You will feel like family at the Farm!

Our Historic Farm was first part of a 700 acre land grant bestowed on William Carpenter in 1853, following his service in the Mexican War.  The Farm has had many uses, producing onions, cattle and hogs, as well as a large fruit orchard.  The present day owners bought the property in 2015, suffering from years of neglect, and transformed this beautiful valley into a thriving horse farm, vineyard, tasting room and special event venue.   

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